What is The Internet of Things...and now the Industrial Internet of Things...?

What are the “things”:

Once upon a time, all information and activity was converging onto a computer which acted as the central hub

Now this process of communicating is de converging to a plethora of other smart devices: phones, tablets, fitness bands, fridges, and your Sky box!

The development of the Internet of Things is happening but slowly…as businesses have yet to work out how it is applicable to them.   Some businesses are embracing this technology   - one of the high street banks has equipped its counter staff with tablets and beacons to enable a much better customer service,  many retailers are trialing the “clienteling” concept which is basically a way to understand their customer needs better so they can better serve them.

The full potential and power of The Internet of Things is not yet understood by the majority of businesses -they need to be aware....

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