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The Bridge Group

Innovation in Business

Technology is changing how businesses are run, engage with their customers, employees and suppliers. 

The Bridge Group helps clients to identify how Innovation can invigorate their businesses by helping to create effective strategies and finding the right solution to implement.

We align our clients' objectives across their business, then identify and utilise the appropriate approach and technology.  Our network of technology and design partners work with us to deliver the right solution for our client needs.

  • Identifying Client and  Consumer needs
  • Aligning the business objectives and strategy
  • Evaluating all appropriate and relevant technololgy
  • Recommending and developing the right solution

GDPR (General Data Protection Register)  - are you ready?

  • The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is coming into EU and UK law in May 2018.
  • Any organisation that is not GDPR compliant could face a fine of €20m or 4% of its annual turnover.
  • The risks are HUGE for organisations who do not comply
  • All employees need to be aware and comply

The Bridge has partnered with a number of GDPR experts to offer a GDPR readiness programme. 

Click on our GDPR section for more information and Events to see mopre info about our GDPR conference